Faq: Frequently Asked Questions

First The basics - 

Who - A group of the Northeast's finest alternative-sex groups with experience in straight, gay, BDSM, fantasy roleplay and fetish areas. Management is provided by the Brimstone Group, Inc - a registered NJ Educational nonprofit

- A three-day educational and social event with classes, workshops, parties, events, with a focus on meeting new people having fun and learning new skills

- November 28 - Dec 2, 2019

Where - Sorry we promised not to disclose the hotel name, but it's a well known hotel in Piscataway, NJ. just off Route 287. Exact details will come with your ticket confirmation.

Cost - Varies based on when you book and if you are a member of one of our affiliate groups - see the registration page for more info -

Other Questions -

Will you be selling tickets at the door?
Sorry, no sales the day of the event - Order online by November 15, 2019 or wait till the next event -

Is there free parking? - Yes, the hotel has plenty of free parking, at least four times the parking of the last hotel.

Is the hotel Scene friendly? - yes, and we have met with the local police and fire marshal to assure your safety and comfort during the event. Everyone is aware of the event and supports our right to free speech and lawful assembly.

Is there a dress code? - Not in the event spaces, but in the public areas you must be street legal. Cross dressing, leather, latex, fetish gear, kilts and zentai are perfectly acceptable. Nudity is allowed anywhere but the main lobby.

Are children, pets or babies allowed? - No! Please do not bring children or babies to the event.We will not admit you. Please get a sitter. The only pets we allow are human ones, and they must be housebroken. Approved guide/service dogs are always allowed.

Are the restrooms gender neutral? - YES, the restrooms in the public areas will be gender neutral during the event.

Is there disabled access? - The hotel is accessible and has handicap accessible rooms. Most public Restrooms are accessible (we only know of one, in a remote location, that isn't). All floors are accessible by elevator

How do I book a room? - When you register for the event, you will be given a special email address for hotel registration. Please don't call the hotel, they'll only tell you that they're sold out.

What if I don't want a room? What if I can get a better rate somewhere else?
- By all means, do! We make no profit on rooms, so you can stay where you like. The event's location makes commuting easy, and there are several hotels to choose from in the area. But when you add it all up, our host hotel is about the best deal in the area.

Are single people allowed? - Absolutely! We have meet and greet parties and lots of social events like our Midnight Buffet and Egg Creme Social to help you make friends. And you can feel safe, too - we have Security staff and Dungeon Monitors in special outfits that you can call on if someone is bothering you or acting non-consensually.

Is this a sex party or an Orgy? - Absolutely Not! This is an educational/social event that aims to provide you with the skills you need to navigate the scene safely and successfully. But if you are just looking to get laid, we suggest you look elsewhere. There are no "Live sex shows" or "sex entertainment". We will not provide you with a sex partner or introductions and we do not allow prostitution of any kind on the property.

Can I use just my scene name? - At the event, yes - but for registration state laws require we take your real name and check ID to assure everyone is over 19. Your information is never sold or released to anyone outside the event, and is destroyed after the event.

What about Cameras? - To protect everyone's privacy. Cameras, cell phones, recording devices of any kind and all devices with online or network access are prohibited from the event spaces. If found they will be confiscated by event security and returned after the event (minus any images) Anyone caught distributing images or videos of the event will be prosecuted.

We will have a staff photographer on duty to take any souvenir shots you would like. If you don't want your picture taken at all, just get a red wristband at the registration desk.

Do's -

  • Do bring your best fetish clothing and toybag!
  • Do follow safe and responsible sex practices at all times
  • Do treat others with respect, even if you don't share their interests
  • Do bring extra cash for shopping
  • Do have a great time and meet new friends!
  • Do get lots of sleep before the event, you won't be getting much there!
  • Don't stare, follow or ask rude questions
  • Don't bring any form of audio or visual recording equipment
  • Don't bring glass bottles, fireworks, smoke canisters, firearms, illegal or hazardous items
  • Don't leave valuables unattended in the convention center, in your hotel room or in your vehicle, use the hotel safe where possible
  • Don't bring animals unless they are approved guide dogs for the blind or the deaf. Human pets are OK (special facilities are provided in Animal Kingdom for human pets).
  • What if you can't find the answer you need here on the website?

    Try the CONTACT PAGE